On setting my own pace

I took this photo last week while we were on vacation.  (I was gone – did you miss me???)  We drove up to Ontario, Canada for a week, which was a mighty nice change in weather from the hot Arkansas summer.  J  I’ll spare you the details but just know that it is absolutely gorgeous there! I’m in love! All the lakes, and the wetlands, and such clear water! But back to my story… We all went out on a hike one day, and as always I was struggling to keep up with my husband and my daughter.   It … [Read more...]

Embellished scrap fabric bracelets – TUTORIAL

I am sooo excited to share this project with you today!  That’s because it takes a couple of my favorite things and puts them together.   One favorite thing being fold over elastic.  It looks like ribbon but it stretches.  It’s candy colored magic, I tell ya! Another favorite thing being fabric scraps.  Big scraps, small scraps (ohhhh those tiny scraps!), vintage scraps, new scraps.  All those colors and textures just waiting to be combined! And I also love quick, simple … [Read more...]

The curbside Singer Fashion Mate 257 lives!

Often an old “broken” sewing machine only needs a simple repair or a good cleaning.  I once got the cutest vintage Kenmore machine for free from a rummage sale because it was missing a belt.  $10 and a quick trip to Target got it all up and running beautifully. This isn’t one of those stories. Several months ago I picked up a Singer Fashion Mate 257.  Literally, picked it up because it was just sitting there by the side of the road.  There was a note  on the top saying “bad worn … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Elastic Band Sunglasses Case – Free Pattern

My favorite way to welcome summer is to buy a new pair of (cheap) cute sunglasses.  There’s just something so fun about a new pair of sunnies to wear when you’re hanging out at the pool or just running errands in the bright summer sun.  Of course, this year I had to get actual glasses – bifocals, no less – so no cute summer sunglasses for me this year! But…. for those of you lucky enough to get to wear cute sunglasses, I’ve got a free pattern for making a sunglasses case to carry them around … [Read more...]

How I conquered the cords in my sewing studio

Between my sewing machines, serger, and iron, there are a LOT of power cords in my sewing room.  Oh, and let's not forget the embroidery machine, the speakers for my iPhone, and my Silhouette machine.  They all need to be plugged in to work.  The result is a mess of power strips and extension cords strung in and around my sewing table and workspace. Yes, that's a cat sitting  under the table. A couple of weeks ago I spied this worktable at the Goodwill outlet. (sorry for the … [Read more...]

My latest craft fail and why it’s not a fail at all

Craft fails are crushing.  Your idea, so expertly designed and perfectly executed in your head, turns out to be a big hot mess.   All that time and material wasted!  Not to mention the bruise to your ego that your mind could conceive of something that hideous! I’m going to be brave here for a minute and share my latest craft fail. First, the context.  This project was for a Goodwill fashion show, where artists/designers would alter a Goodwill jacket that would then be modeled by local … [Read more...]

Upcycled Leather Belt Bracelet – TUTORIAL

DISCLAIMER:  I received free products from Goodwill of Arkansas in exchange for writing this post.  Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. I think I may have found my new favorite thing to do with old belts, and that is turn them into awesome new jewelry. The leather on an old belt is so thick and supple and luscious.  Think about how much it would cost to buy a new bracelet from high quality distressed leather!   One Goodwill belt can yield as many as three bracelets, … [Read more...]

Tutorial: DIY bird feeder from a plate and bowl

DISCLAIMER:  I received free products from Goodwill Industries of Arkansas in exchange for writing this post.  Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Spring is here, time to spruce up my yard.  What better way than to make a bird feeder to hang in my front yard?  Better yet, why not make up a bunch of them so I can hang one in my yard and give others to family and friends? I’d been wanting to give the bowl & plate bird feeder a try for a while, and this weeks’ … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Vintage sheet dry erase board

I teased you last week with a peek at the random collection of Goodwill items I’m using in today’s Goodwill craft. An ugly art print, a vintage pillowcase, and a tall shot glass. And what did I make? A vintage pillowcase dry erase board!  With a little cup glued to the frame to hold your dry erase marker. Here's what I started with. What can I say… I am so in love with my new message board!!  I originally planned this to be a message board by my back door, but the colors and … [Read more...]

What can you make from…

What can you make from an ugly framed print, a vintage pillowcase, and a shot glass?  I'm working on the first of my Goodwill crafts for National Craft Month, and I couldn't resist a little teaser. The three items look so totally random together, don't they. Ha! I'm putting the finishing touches on the mystery craft tomorrow.  I'll be back on Monday with finished photos and a tutorial! … [Read more...]