How to Sew a Tea Towel from Flannel (with Fringe!) DIY Tutorial

Use my tutorial to see how to sew a tea towel from flannel, with soft fringe across the bottom.  It’s an easy project that makes a great hostess or housewarming gift!

Flannel Tea Towel with Fringe

I don’t do a whole lot of fancy in my house.  We’re pretty practical around here, and our furnishings and décor reflect that. But I do love a nice tea towel for my kitchen.  And that makes sense, I guess, since towels have a practical purpose in just hanging around. These fringe flannel tea towels are the latest addition to my kitchen.

I've got a tutorial below showing how you can sew a flannel towel for yourself.

How to Sew a Tea Towel from Flannel (with Fringe!) DIY Tutorial

I usually use a home dec weight cotton fabric for my tea towels, but I’ve recently discovered how nice a flannel towel is.

Flannel is so soft and absorbent, important for a towel.  I went with a classic plaid for a more traditional look and then pulled threads to create a lovely fringe across the bottom.

Closeup of fringe along bottom of flannel tea towel

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I cut the fabric to make these towels a week before Thanksgiving. Then I got busy and didn’t actually get around to sewing them until well into January.  But now that I’ve started to use them, I’m thinking I may need to make more. 

Flannel Tea Towel with Fringe, shown with spoon and whisk

Finished dimensions are approximately 20” wide x 30” tall.  A yard of flannel will make two towels.

Two flannel tea towels, folded and placed side by side

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How to Sew a Tea Towel with Fringe


Flannel fabric – 22” wide x 31” tall

You can make 2 towels from 1 yard of fabric.

Tea towel tutorial key

Sew the Towel

Sew a straight line across the flannel, 1 ½” from the bottom. 

Line of stitching 1 1/2" from bottom

Press in a ½” double fold hem on the sides and top of your fabric.  Don’t press a hem on the bottom edge – it will be left raw edge to create the fringe later.

Double fold hem around three sides

If you don’t know what a double fold hem is, it’s basically just pressing ½” to the back side of the fabric, then folding and pressing another ½” to encase the raw edge.

I prefer to miter the corners for a finished look.  If you don’t know how to miter corners on a double fold hem, use my tutorial here.

Sew the hem in place, starting and stopping at the line of stitching across the bottom.

Hem sewn in place, starting and stopping at stitch line.

Pull threads from the bottom edge to create fringe.  I can usually snag the threads at the edges using just my fingernails, but if you’re having trouble getting those threads to start pulling a seam ripper might be helpful.  Continue pulling threads until you’re about ¼” away from the stitch line. 

Pull threads along bottom to create fringe

It  can take a while to pull all those threads, but luckily it’s easy to do this step while sitting on the couch watching some TV. 

Your fringed flannel tea towel is finished!

Fringe flannel tea towel - on a plain background with whisk and wooden spoon
Folded flannel tea towel shown at an angle
Flannel tea towel on a plain background
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