Rainbow Cloud DIY Cat Toy – Free Sewing Pattern

Create an adorable toy for your kitty with my free rainbow cloud cat toy pattern!  It’s super easy to sew and fun for kitty to play with!

You don’t have to read too many posts on this blog to know that I’m a crazy cat lady.  We have 5 cats at our house and they are allllll spoiled.  Most of our kitties are older and past the toy playing stage, but our youngest kitty Binxie still very much loves his toys.  If he’s not sleeping or cuddling up next to me on the couch, chances are he’s batting a cat toy around the room.  His favorite thing to do is kick the toy up in the air and then pounce on it!

We’ve got a fairly good supply of cat toys around our house but of course what kind of cat mom would I be if I didn’t want to spoil my kitty more with some new toys?

I made this rainbow cloud cat toy a few weeks ago, and Binxie has been loving it!  I’ve got a free pattern for you below.

Rainbow Cloud DIY Cat Toy – Free Sewing Pattern

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I was able to make the whole thing from scraps that I had in my sewing room. I used fleece for the cloud part, and felt for the rainbow. It's lightly stuffed and has a bit of catnip in it as well as some crinkly plastic.  The cloud opens at the bottom so you easily add more catnip later if you need.

Because it’s made from fleece and felt it’s super easy to put together. No need to finish raw edges, no need to turn anything right side out! 

Rainbow Cloud DIY Cat Toy – Free Sewing Pattern

Cloud - White fleece or felt scraps

Rainbow - Felt or ribbon 3/8” wide x 4” long in each of the rainbow colors (6 colors total)

Hanging Loop - Felt or ribbon 3/8” wide x 2” long

Poly-Fil Stuffing

Hook & Loop tape – ¼” wide x 3” long  (I cut a ½” wide piece of hook and loop tape in half to get the right width.)


Small scrap of crinkly plastic (Old chip or candy bags work well for this.)

Free pattern – Rainbow Cloud Cat Toy

Sew the cat toy

Place the back Cloud piece wrong side up.

Arrange the Rainbow felt pieces in rainbow order across the bottom of the Cloud piece, centered across the straight edge and with the top 3/8” of the Rainbow felt overlapping the bottom of the Cloud.

Layer the hook side of the hook & loop across the bottom, over the tops of the Rainbow strips.  The felt usually has enough “grab” to stay in place but if they start to slip you could use a little dab of glue stick to hold them in place.  (Just make sure the glue is good and dry before going on to the next step.)

Sew around all 4 sides of the tape with 1/8” seam allowance.  This will also secure the Rainbow pieces.

Fold the strip for Hanging Loop ribbon in half, then sew it to the top of the Cloud with a ¼” seam allowance. 

Now, take the remaining Cloud piece and place it wrong side up. 

This piece should be the mirror opposite of the first Cloud piece.  The Cloud isn’t symmetrical so make sure you’ve got them mirrored so they’ll match up when you sew them together.

Place the loop side of the hook & loop tape across the bottom of the Cloud piece., then sew around all 4 sides of the tape with 1/8” seam allowance.

Place the two Cloud pieces wrong sides together.  The hook & loop tape pieces should line up with each other.  Sew around the Cloud pieces with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving it open at the bottom where the hook & loop tape is.

Stuff the cat toy

You’re done sewing your cat toy, but there are just a few more steps to make it ready for your kitty!

First, open the toy at the bottom and insert a little stuffing.  If you want the toy to crinkle, add a little piece of crinkly plastic.  Then, put in a few pinches of catnip to make the toy extra fun for kitty.

NOW you’re ready for your kitty to play with his new toy!

Rainbow Cloud DIY Cat Toy – Free Sewing Pattern
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