The Crazy Cat Lady Christmas Tree felt cat softie pattern is now available

Remember this?


And how I was going to make a pattern?  Just finished it!

Wow, that took me longer than I had expected.  But what was I thinking, it’s December y’all.  That’s crazy schedule time!  Those two weeks were spent prepping  for a major cookie decorating party at our house – which involved baking 45 DOZEN cookies in preparation for 20 kids to go crazy with sprinkles and icing.  45 DOZEN cookies rolled out, cut with cookie cutters, and baked.



3 dozen each of 15 different Christmas cookie shapes.

I’m realizing that I have a thing for making crafts in ridiculous quantity, like the 36 softies to decorate the tree.  Which gets me back to my original topic for this post – the pattern!

I’ve got the pattern all drawn up nicely with accompanying instructions in a pretty PDF download.  Rather than write a whole new post to introduce my pattern, I’ve just updated the original post to include the download.  I also changed the title, hope that doesn't screw stuff up too badly.  We'll see...

Click the link below to go there:

FREE PATTERN – The Crazy Cat Lady Christmas Tree

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