A WIP completed, better late than never

This is the story of a project started with good intentions, and then set aside and forgotten.  We've all had those, haven't we?

This particular project is a felted wool stitchery that depicts my mother's house.  I have no idea what inspired me to start this project 6 years ago, but it was going to be a Christmas present for my mother.

I took a photo of my mother's 1920's house...

A WIP completed, better late than neverand traced it off to get a line drawing.

A WIP completed, better late than never

Then, I set to cutting out all the felt pieces and stitching them down by hand.  I'm a little (okay, a LOT) OCD and I've since learned that handwork is not good for me.  My need for tiny and uniform stitches turns a simple project into drudgery.  Like the blanket stitching on the side of the house. Because that would look nice.  And I wanted the stitches tiny enough so they'd approximate the look of bricks.  Ridiculousness.

And so I labored away, tiny stitch after tiny stitch.  Then, when I was nearly finished I hit a snag that would require some ripping out and redoing.  Christmas was the next day, so it clearly wasn't going to get done.

So I set it aside. And found other projects. And got distracted.

And lost the house project.

The one my mother had been expecting - because I stupidly showed it to her one day - and the one with all those stupid tiny stitches. My mother mentioned it a couple of times over the years.  I just kind of put her off with a vague answer.  I'm pretty sure she knew it was lost.

And then when I was cleaning my studio this fall, I found the box with the project!  Tucked away under a big ol' pile of something. I still had the photograph, the traced image, the fabrics, the threads, everything I needed to complete the project all collected together in one box.

And so... this year, 6 years after I started it, I set to finishing this thing up.  This time I didn't say a word to my mother. I just ripped out what needed ripping out, replaced and reswed, and took care of business.

A WIP completed, better late than never

I'm not super happy with my stitching on the steps and grass.  The stitches are NOT tiny and they're NOT uniform.  But, they do possess one important feature...

They're done.

My imperfect stitches finished up the project, and I was able to wrap it up and give it to my mother Christmas day. 6 years after I started that project. She was thoroughly surprised and so pleased. I didn't even attempt to iron the wrinkles out of the linen, and she still held it up like an heirloom.

Which sounds just about perfect to me.

A WIP completed, better late than never



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  • Susan says:

    I love it! Done is better than perfect, every time. Except it looks pretty perfect to me! 🙂

  • Pam @Threading My Way says:

    Looks perfect from where I'm sitting. I have no doubt your mum will treasure it.

  • Rhiannon says:

    It is wonderful!! You are such a sweet daughter!!

  • Terri Womack says:

    Yet another delightful idea. We have a print a cousin made of my mother's house in Arkansas - she was born in the house and remembers the place with great fondness. Six years to completion. That is kinda fast by my standards, but maybe I'll get some high octane fuel and try this.

    • Orange Bettie says:

      What a small world!! That's a treasure to have a print made from your mother's girlhood home. I bet it would be pretty stitched up into fabric art. 🙂 --Anne

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