Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern

Sewing a twist turban headband is easy with my free pattern! It takes just a half yard of fabric and 30 minutes to make one!

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I saw some gorgeous floral silky prints at the fabric store the other day.  SO pretty.  And I wanted – NEEDED – to make something from them.  It’s spring, after all. 

But I didn’t really feel like making a whole top out of it.  Not to say a top would be pretty, but it was more work than I was wanting to do and more money than I wanted to spend. 

But then it occurred to me I could use that fabric to sew a pretty spring headband.  Way faster than sewing a whole top, but still the satisfaction of sewing that pretty spring fabric!

Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern

So instead of buying a yard or so of one floral print, I got half yard cuts of several prints.  Then I sewed them up into these twist turban headbands that I’ve fallen in love with.  Don’t feel like fixing my hair but I still want to feel dressed up?  Just slide on one of these turban headbands and I’m good to go.

Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern

I've got a free sewing pattern for you below, so you can make some for yourself!

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Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern

It takes just ½ yard to make a headband, with enough scrap to make some scrunchies as well.  Who can’t use a new scrunchie or two, or three?  I’ve got a free pattern for you here.  And for those tiny scraps, you can make these little scrunchie barrettes.

Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern

Here’s a roundup of some more super cute and easy spring sewing projects.  I’m betting there are at least a couple projects on that list you’ll want to make!

Let’s get started sewing up some cute twist turban headbands!


All seam allowances ¼” unless otherwise stated. RST = Right Side Together

Sew the Elastic Cover

Fold the Elastic Cover in half lengthwise and RST.  Sew down the long side to create a tube.

Twist Turban Headband Step 1

Turn right side out, then press.

Twist Turban Headband Step 2

Insert elastic into the Elastic Cover, lining up the ends of the elastic with the ends of the fabric tube.  The Elastic Cover is longer than the elastic so it will bunch up in the middle.  Sew across each end with 1/8” seam allowance.

Twist Turban Headband Step 3
Sew the Twist Pieces

Place the Twist pieces RST.  Sew the long sides, leaving the ends open.

Twist Turban Headband Step 4

Turn right side out. Press.

Twist Turban Headband Step 5

Place one Twist piece across the other in a plus formation.

Twist Turban Headband Step 6

Fold the ends of the bottom Twist piece together.

Twist Turban Headband Step 7

Then, fold the ends of the other Twist piece together.

Twist Turban Headband Step 8

Give the ends a little pull and you’ve created the twist feature at the middle of the headband.

Twist Turban Headband Step 9

At each end, line up the layers and stitch across with 1/8” seam allowance in order to secure.

Twist Turban Headband Step 10
Assemble the Twist Turban Headband

Now that you’ve got the Elastic Cover and the Twist made, all you need to do now is put them together to make the headband!

Place the Elastic Cover on top of one end of the Twist, with raw edges aligned and centered horizontally.

Twist Turban Headband Step 11

Wrap the Twist fabric around the Elastic Cover, covering the Elastic Cover and overlapping slightly, then clip in place.

Twist Turban Headband Step 12

Repeat with the other end of the Elastic Cover and other end of the Twist. 

Twist Turban Headband Step 13

Sew through all the layers at the each end with ¼” seam allowance.  Go back and forth several times to make sure it’s good and secure.

Twist Turban Headband Step 14

If you give a little pull on each side of the headband, the ends of the Elastic Cover will tuck themselves up inside the wrapped ends of the Twist.  BOOM.  Your raw edges are covered!  If you want, you can sew across it to secure that, but the fabric is really thick right there and I had limited success in getting my machine to sew through all those layers. 

Your twist turban headband is done!

Twist Turban Headband Step 15
Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern
Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern
Twist Turban Headband Free Sewing Pattern
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