Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern

Welcome to the 2017 Ornament Exchange & Blog Hop! This year, there are 47 amazing bloggers participating in the exchange. The rules of the challenge were simple: be partnered with a fellow blogger, create a handmade ornament for $15 or under, create a tutorial, and ship the ornament off to a new home!

My partner was Marie from The Inspiration Vault.  Her blog is packed with awesome craft and DIY tutorials!  She puts up several trees so I had plenty of inspiration to choose from.  In the end, I decided to create an ornament for her growing collection of purple ornaments.

After the requisite brainstorming and stressing and second guessing that’s always part of creating for someone else, I saw that I had an old magenta sweater in my donate pile.  From there, it wasn’t long before I had a little soft cone shaped Christmas tree ornament made from the cable knit sweater.  An upcycled sweater Christmas tree ornament!

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

They’re really quick to make, so I ended up making a set of three for her.  (I also made one from an off-white sweater for my own tree, and that’s the one you see in a photo later in this post.)

I’ve got a tutorial and free pattern to make your own upcycled Christmas tree ornament below.

And if you’re wondering about the ornament that Marie made for me… well, I can tell you it’s GORGEOUS.  Like, just about knocked me out when I opened up my package.  I don’t have a photo for you right now because the light is no good and would not do it justice, but you can see photos and a tutorial for it over on her blog.

2017 Ornament Exchange and Blog Hop

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Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts


Old sweater

Fiber fill

5/16” dowel, cut to 3” long (one 3” piece for each tree you plan to make)


Hot glue

Embroidery floss or thin yarn for hanging

Felt and trims for decorations

Free pattern


Sand the dowel pieces and paint (if desired).  These will be the trunks of your trees.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

I left a small bit unpainted because that's where I was holding the dowel, and that part is not going to show.

Cut tree out of sweater fabric.  Sew a basting stitch along the curved edge.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Fold in half right sides together, with long straight sides matching.  Stitch down that side with a ¼” seam allowance to make a cone.  Stop the stitch line just above your basting stitches.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Turn right side out.  Use a dull pencil to poke the point out.  It looks a little like an elf hat right now.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Stuff with fiber fill stuffing.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

When you get to the bottom, add a circle of chipboard (cut using the pattern).  There should be a hole in the center of the chipboard so the tree trunk can go through.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

If you notice that my circle is cut from the edge to the middle, that's because that was the only way I could get my scissors to the center of the chipboard.  You could also tape over the cut if you want, but really it doesn't hurt anything to just leave the cardboard cut.

Pull the basting threads to cinch the bottom.  Leave the hole big enough for the dowel.  Tie the thread ends and poke inside the hole.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Put a good amount of hot glue on the dowel, leaving about an inch at the bottom without glue.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Push the dowel up into the hole in the bottom of the Christmas tree.  If some of the glue ends up on the bottom of the tree, you can just paint it to match the trunk.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Thread a length of embroidery floss or thin yarn through the top of the tree and tie to make a hanging loop.

Embellish your tree as desired.  I opted to keep it simple with just a felt star at the top.

You're done!!

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

Here's one I made for my own tree in white.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Pattern #Christmasornament #diytutorial #recycledcrafts

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  • Evija says:

    Omg these little pink Christmas trees are so adorable!!! Absolutely love them.. kind of wish I had a more colourful tree now.. you did a great job! #2017OrnamentExchange

  • Super Mom - No Cape! says:

    What a fun little tree to make! I love that they are upcycled using what you had on hand.

  • Erlene says:

    What a fun way to upcycle an old sweater and the color choice is unexpected too. Thanks for joining and sharing your ornament tutorial on the ornament exchange.

  • Pamela Smith says:

    I love how you could use any color sweater to make the ornament! Great idea!

  • DIY Home Sweet Home says:

    Those sweater trees are so adorable! Would love for you to stop by and link this up to More The Merrier Monday.


  • Emily says:

    These are so darling! And how clever to use a sweater that you were planning to get rid of!

  • Hil says:

    Those are too cute!! I never have old sweaters but I sure wish I could so I could try them out!

    I love all the ideas I get from participating in the Ornament Exchange!!

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