Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

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Springtime is a busy season at our house.  Scouts, soccer, holidays, travel – it all seems to happen in the spring!  I don’t get much sewing time, so I like quick projects for spring.  This cork monogram key fob fabric fits the bill.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

It’s a cute little accessory to add to your bag or your keychain!  And because it’s made from cork fabric, it’s quick and easy to sew!  It took me just 15 minutes to make one.  So sew one up for yourself, and maybe some to give as quick gifts to your favorite friends.

I made mine from cork, but you could also use leather.  And while you're at it, make a coordinating leather lanyard for an even more special gift! 

Stiff interfacing between the layers of cork give the monogram body.  A swivel hook makes it easy to clip it to your keychain or the handle of your bag.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

I’ve got a free pattern with all the letters of the alphabet, plus a heart because my daughter wanted me to make a heart shaped key fob for her.  She’s 14 and hip to all the trends so I took that as a sign I should include it in the pattern.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial


Cork fabric

Pellon® 72F Peltex® Two-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer

Swivel hook (affiliate link)

2 ½” of twill tape (same width as swivel hook ring)

Free pattern

Cut out 2 of your monogram letter from cork fabric, one right side up and one wrong side up.  Cut 1 of the inner circle (dashed line) from the Peltex.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

Thread twill tape through the swivel hook ring, folding the tape back on itself so raw edges are together.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

Stitch the twill tape to the Peltex monogram at the place and angle that you want your swivel hook to attach to the key fob.  Leave roughly ¾” between the swivel hook ring and the edge of the Peltex.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

Sandwich the Peltex monogram between the two cork monograms (right sides facing out).

Fuse the layers together with your iron set to a lower setting and a pressing cloth between the iron and the cork fabric.  Be careful with this step so you don’t melt the cork fabric.  You don’t need to create a permanent bond, just enough to hold all the pieces together while you sew the outside.

Stitch around all sides of your monogram with 1/8” seam allowance.

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

DONE!  Clip your cork monogram key fob to your keychain or bag!

Cork Monogram Key Fob - Tutorial

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  • Jen G. says:

    Where do you get the cork fabric???

    • Orange Bettie says:

      I found mine at Hobby Lobby (used a coupon), but I've also seen it at

      • jen says:

        thank you. I found DMC stitchable cork fabric at Joann, will that work?

        • Orange Bettie says:

          I've never used DMC stitchable cork fabric before so I can't say for sure. The cork fabric I use feels a lot like vinyl - smooth surface, edges that don't fray, good amount of body. If the DMC stitchable cork feels like that, you should be good. You could also just use a marine vinyl. Joann has some nice colors of marine vinyl.

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