A new theme for this blog, and my mini crisis of confidence


Warning: This is a long, rambling kind of post. I actually hesitated to write it, but I want a good part of this blog to be about the journey of building my business, so I'm including it anyway. Who knows, maybe someday someone else who's building an online craft shop will read this and can relate to what I've written.

Even as I'm working on pattern drafting and writing content for the blog, I'm also building the structure of the blog. I've -finally- added some content to my About page. I don't quite like what I have written, but it's better than nothing at this point. When the right words come, I'll replace it with a killer About page.

And I've given -yet another- new theme to the blog. It's quite common for businesses and blogs to switch up their themes and they can do so visit sites like https://www.marijuanaseo.com/wordpress-themes-cannabis/ or even by creating their own if they have the right tools. As I create more content, I'm also refining my idea of what I need from a theme. So while the last theme had cool circle thumbnails for each post, they really don't work with the type of content I was writing. They didn't really entice you to read a post, you know? And they made my blog look skimpy, reducing all those words I had worked so hard to write to 9 little dots.

So I spent far too much of my afternoon digging through the free themes on WordPress. One of my friends had suggested that I go through https://serp.co/reviews/wordpress-themes/ to know more about WordPress themes. I know, I know what you're thinking... If this is my business, I should be okay investing in a purchased theme. A legitimate business expense. Except at right now this business has made zero dollars and I don't have the budget out of my own pocket. So free themes it is. Especially when you're to consider The average cost of a premium WordPress theme is $40, a cost I can't quite yet justify.

Though at one point I found myself considering a purchased theme, which brought up the issue of incorporating a pattern shop, which led me to WooCommerce, which had me reading the documentation for installing it, and customizing it, which meant I was reading all sorts of terminology I had never heard before, and thinking to myself - WHAT WAS I THINKING? I can't do this!

But of course, when you get to the point of "I can't do this", it's not really that you can't do it. It's just that it's going to take a few more steps to do it than you had planned. And so I just took myself back a few (okay, a lot) of steps, back to working on just a simple blog. No shop, no WooCommerce, no customizing. Not yet. Those are steps I'll take later. Right now it's just a plain ol' blog. When it's time to add in those elements, I'll have a better idea what needs to be done.

And so I dug through the themes once more, going from one end of the absolute plethora available, to the other - I came across the odd awesome free theme, but felt they might not suit my site - they'd certainly look good in the right niche though... anyway, I eventually found one that worked. It's far from perfect, and I'll probably change it again in a month, but it works for now. It required me retooling my logo, but that was no biggie. Last year, I would have thought THAT was impossible, so let that be a lesson to me about thinking things are impossible, right?

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  • Pam @Threading My Way says:

    Just came across your blog, Anne. I've learnt so much since beginning blogging - things that would have been totally impossible for me a couple of years ago. The more I learn, the more I find there is yet to learn. I'm enjoying the journey. I hope you do, too.

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