Fringed Flannel Heart Scarf - Sewing Tutorial

This fringed flannel heart scarf is an easy and cute sewing project for winter! Use my free tutorial to sew one for yourself!

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Christmas has come and gone, but winter's gonna be here for a couple more months!  This flannel heart scarf will keep your neck warm when you're out in the cold.  The flannel is soft against the neck, and it's made from two layers so it's extra warm.  Make it from plaid and add some heart appliques across the bottom.  The hearts are cute for Valentine's Day, but they're not so cutesy that you can't wear it after Valentine's is over.

It's actually pretty quick to make this flannel scarf, so if you're a beginner sewist you can totally make this!  You might also want to check out this sewing machine for beginners as well if you plan on doing so more projects. The applique is easy to do with fusible webbing, and it takes just a few simple straight seams to sew the scarf.

Wool felt is more expensive than craft felt, but you won't need much and you may have some already in a scrap stash. I'm kind of a scrap hoarder, so I had all the wool felt I needed for this project in scraps from a house embroidery I made for my mother a few years ago.

For the fringe, you can do what I did and make super fast tied fringe. Or, for a nicer finish, you can pull threads to create a soft fluffy thread fringe.

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2 pieces flannel 9" x 65"

Wool felt scraps for the hearts

Fusible webbing

Free pattern

Sew the Fringed Flannel Heart Scarf

Trace the heart designs to the back of your fusible webbing.  You'll need 4 of the small heart and 2 of the large heart.

Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse the fusible webbing to the back of your wool.  Cut out the hearts and remove the paper backing.

Lay one of the scarf pieces right side up.  Use the placement guide to place the felt hearts at both ends of the scarf.  The bottom of the placement guide should be 4" from the end of the scarf.  Fuse the hearts down in place.

If you cut out the shapes drawn on the template to create a stencil, you can get exact placement of the felt hearts by placing them through the cut out areas and then removing the stencil.  It works best if you do one shape at a time to prevent shifting.

Top stitch around the hearts to secure.

Place the two long flannel pieces right sides together.  Pin along long sides.

Sewn down both long sides with 1/2" seam allowance, starting and stopping 4" from the ends.  Do not sew the ends.

Turn right side out. Press.

Top stitch down the long sides close to the edge, sewing across the scarf when you reach the ends where the sides are open.

Now for the fringe.  The ends that we left open will become the fringe.  You have two options for making the fringe:

For quick fringe, just cut the ends of the scarf (up to where you stitched across) into 3/8" wide fringe. Knot if desired.  The edges of the fringe will fray a little but it won't be that noticeable.  This is the option I used.

For more luxurious (but more time-consuming) fringe, you can pull the horizontal threads to create a soft fluffy fringe.  This will take a while, and you may want to trim the ends first to create shorter fringe (and save yourself some time!).

Your fringed flannel heart scarf is finished!

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