Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG cut file

I made this Space Kitty cut file for anyone who loves cats as much as I do!  Get the free cut file to make a cat astronaut t-shirt for your favorite cat lover or space fanatic!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a cat craft, and you know I love the kitties!  (My most popular cat projects are my Paws and All Tote Bag pattern, or my Crazy Cat Lady Christmas Tree.)  But today I’ve got a treat for all you cat lovers.  And if you love kitties AND all things space, it’s a super big treat.

Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG cut file

Space Kitty is a free cut file you can use to make adorable t-shirts, totes ,and pillows!  Because everything is made cuter with a kitty cat wearing a space suit, right?  (Keep reading for the downloadable file.)

Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG  cut file

I’ve got to tell you, though, that what makes Space Kitty so special to me is that it’s a collaboration between me and my daughter. She drew the initial artwork, and I digitized it and turned it into a cut file. 

Here’s the back story:

I work part-time at the public library, which has to be my favorite job EVER.  Seriously, how did I get to my 40s before realizing that the library is the perfect career for me?  But I digress…  Anyway, if you go to the library often at all, you know that every summer is Summer Reading Club for the kiddos.  It’s not really a club with a secret handshake or anything, just a series of special story times and events at the library to keep the kids reading throughout the summer break. 

Every year, they pick out a theme.  Like, nationally.  All the libraries across the U.S. will have the same theme.  This year, it’s “A Universe of Stories.”  In other words, space. 

Now, here’s an interesting little tidbit.  When I’m telling the kids this year’s theme is space, guest who gets most excited?  THE GIRLS.  Seriously, most of the boys are like “meh.”  The girls, though – their faces light up when I mention space!  This makes my heart happy.

So in the excitement of space themed library events, I went home and asked my daughter if she could draw a cat in a spacesuit.  Because I’m a crazy cat lady who loves space.  And Summer Reading Club is the perfect excuse to wear a cat shirt to work, right?

She comes back 20 MINUTES LATER with this.  No joke.

Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG  cut file

I may be a proud mom, but I think she’s pretty dang talented. 

Once I had the illustration, I was able to digitize it and turn it into a cut file.  Originally it was going to be an applique, but the pieces were just too small for anyone to be trying to stitch.  Heat Transfer Vinyl, on the other hand, would be perfect.

Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG  cut file

Space Kitty is a relatively detailed design that uses 4 layers, so it’s not necessarily just a quick 10 minute craft.  But she’s soooo worth it!  I’ve gotten so many compliments on my shirt!  My coworkers especially loved it!  I’ll be wearing it a lot over this summer!

Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG  cut file
Here’s the cut file in both .SVG and .Studio format:

Space Kitty.SVG

Space Kitty.Studio3

The shapes in the files are NOT reversed, so you’ll need to do that before cutting them from the Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Heat Transfer Vinyl colors used:





I've grouped the pieces by color. You may want to ungroup some of the layers for a more efficient use of your HTV, though the bottom layer (the gray layer with the tail and face background) should STAY grouped. The spacing of the tail, paw, and face pieces is lined up to match the spacesuit perfectly.

TIP:  For the smaller parts, I’d suggest using a double cut feature on your cutter to make it easier to weed. 

Other than a very simple face for some Halloween spider bean bags, this was my first time to create a cut file.  So of course I choose something with layers and lots of small shapes, right?  Needless to say, I learned a lot while creating Space Kitty.  And I’ve caught the cut file bug, so I’m hoping to make more – especially if I can collaborate with the kid some more.  So if you have ideas for cut files, leave them for me in the comments.  Who knows, maybe I can convince the kid to draw one out for me!

Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG  cut file
Space Kitty cut file - Free SVG  cut file
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