12+ Cute Things to Sew with Fold Over Elastic

Soft and colorful and stretchy, fold over elastic can be used so many ways in your sewing! This roundup of things to make with fold over elastic will get you inspired!

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Fold over elastic is one of my most favorite sewing notions.  It’s softer than standard elastic and it comes in a rainbow of fun colors.  I have a pretty healthy stash of it in my sewing room, and I find myself reaching for it whenever I want to add a punch of color to wallets, journal covers, hair accessories, and more.

Lots of people use fold over elastic for making baby diapers or baby hair accessories – and it’s certainly good for that – but there are sooo many other ways you can use this soft, colorful elastic in your sewing.

You can find fold over elastic at the fabric store, but I prefer to buy my fold over elastic from Etsy sellers, who have a wider selection of colors and offer longer cuts of the elastic.  A couple of sellers with good selection and prices for fold over elastic are:

Couture Craft Supply

Pretty In Pink Supply

Wholesale DeZigns

You can also just go to Etsy.com and search for fold over elastic.  There will be plenty to choose from, I promise!

Read on for some really cute sewing projects that use fold over elastic!

Cute Things To Sew With Fold Over Elastic

Sassy Sleep Mask, by Orange Bettie


Planner Zipper Pouch, by Damask Love


Snappy Composition Book, by Orange Bettie


Little Bow Headbands, by Sew Can She


Leather & Elastic Cuff Bracelets, by Orange Bettie


Lego Minifig Carrier, by Silo & Sage


Business Card Wallet, by Orange Bettie


Beaded Gauze Headband, by Melly Sews


Oilcloth Post-It Note Cover, by Orange Bettie


Fold Over Elastic for Swimwear, by Life Sew Savory


Elastic Band Sunglass Case, by Orange Bettie


DIY Elastic Shoelaces, by Lil Blue Boo

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