Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern

Sew an adorable fall squirrel pillow to welcome fall! I've got a free pattern you can use to make the fluffy tail squirrel applique.

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Throw pillows are an easy way to update your décor for the season.  Just change out the pillows and you’ve got a whole new look for the new season!  I’m loving my new fluffy tail squirrel pillow for fall.  The squirrel applique is made from fleece, with a fluffy faux fur tail.

I’ve got a free pattern for you below.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern

As the heat of the summer is beginning to fade, I’m starting to look for ways to bring a fall theme to some of my décor pieces.  This squirrel pillow was a quick project and makes me think of all things fall!

The squirrel applique has simple lines, but it’s that fluffy furry tail that steals the show.  I keep wanting to pet it!

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern

And because fall always makes me crave all things plaid, I had to give it a plaid background.  I had initially looked for a plaid flannel, but none of the colors in the store worked with the colors of my fur and fleece.  So instead I shopped my fabric stash and found some old plaid suiting.  It was exactly right!

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern

Conveniently, I already had a pillow form from the Pom Pom Heart Pillow I made a while back, so I didn’t have to buy one.  That’s what’s so great about making pillow covers rather than fully stuffed pillows.  You can just switch out the covers instead of spending the money on stuffing for each one!  Also, a pillow cover stores away much smaller than a full pillow, which makes  it easy to pack away with your other seasonal décor.

Another way to get the most from one pillow is by creating pillow wraps for each holiday or season. I've got a free pattern for an applique pumpkin pillow wrap that would be perfect for fall!

And for even more fall sewing inspiration, check out my roundup of cozy home decor and accessories.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern

Supplies for Sewing the Squirrel Pillow:

  • Plaid flannel, tweed, quilting cotton, or home dec weight cotton:
    • 1 piece, 14” x 14” (Pillow Front)
    • 2 pieces, 14” wide x 11” tall (Pillow Back)
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing:
    • 1 piece, 13” x 13”
    • 2 pieces, 13” x 10”
  • Squirrel applique:
    • Scrap fleece (Squirrel Body)
    • Scrap faux fur (Squirrel Tail)
    • Fusible webbing
  • 14” pillow form
  • Glue stick (or fabric glue)
  • Free Pattern – Fluffy Tail Squirrel Pillow
Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 1

Prepare your fabrics:

Trace the reversed Squirrel Body pattern on to the paper backing of the fusible webbing.  (The pattern is already reversed for you.)

Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the traced pattern to the back of the fleece.  Cut out Squirrel Body.

Trace the reversed Squirrel Tail pattern on the back of the faux fur. (The pattern is already reversed for you.)  Pay attention to the direction of the fur so you don’t end up with a tail with sideways fur.  Cut the Squirrel Tail out from the faux fur.  (You can’t use fusible webbing for this piece because the hot iron will melt and mat the fur.)

Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the lightweight fusible interfacing to the back of the Pillow Front and Pillow Back pieces.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step

Create the squirrel design:

Use the Placement Guide included in the pattern to place the Squirrel Tail on the Pillow Front.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 3

I cut the squirrel shape out of the Placement Guide so I could use it like a stencil.  Then I was able to place the guide on top of the Pillow Front with all edges lined up, and trace around the cut out shape with an erasable fabric marker.

Use glue stick or fabric glue to glue the Squirrel Tail down.  If possible, keep the glue away from the edges so you won’t have to sew through the glue.

Let the glue dry and then topstitch around all sides close to the edge to secure.  As you sew, use your fingers to move the fur pile out of the way as you sew.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 4

Now, use the Placement Guide to place the Squirrel Body on the Pillow Front.  It will overlap the tail slightly.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the Squirrel Body down, while being careful not to let the iron touch the faux fur.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 5

Top stitch around the Squirrel Body close to the edge to secure.

There are some tight curves on the Squirrel Body.  Reducing your stitch length will make it easier to maneuver the tight curves on the Squirrel Body.  I hand cranked the machine around the tightest curves (the paw, the foot, etc.).

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 6

Sew the Pillow Cover:

Take one of the Pillow Back pieces and press ½” to the wrong side of the fabric down the long side (15”), and then fold another ½” to create a double fold hem.  Stitch the hem in place close to the folded edge.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 7

Repeat with the second Pillow Back piece.

Now, take those Pillow Back pieces you hemmed and place them on top of the pillow front RST and with raw edges aligned.  The hemmed edges should overlap at the middle.

Stitch around all four sides with a scant ½” seam allowance.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 8

The reason for the scant seam allowance is that the pillow cover is made to fit very snugly around the pillow form.  Giving it a slightly smaller seam allowance will give a little bit more room while still maintaining that snug fit.  I think I ended up sewing almost 1/8” less than the ½” seam allowance.

Clip corners, then turn right side out.

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Step 9

Finally, put your pillow form inside the cover.  It’ll be tight but it’ll fit.

Stand back and admire your adorable fluffy tail squirrel pillow!

Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern
Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern
Fall Squirrel Pillow - Free Sewing Pattern

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