Easy DIY Elastic Band Sunglasses Case - Free Pattern

My favorite way to welcome summer is to buy a new pair of (cheap) cute sunglasses.  There’s just something so fun about a new pair of sunnies to wear when you’re hanging out at the pool or just running errands in the bright summer sun.  Of course, this year I had to get actual glasses – bifocals, no less – so no cute summer sunglasses for me this year!

But…. for those of you lucky enough to get to wear cute sunglasses, I’ve got a free pattern for making a sunglasses case to carry them around in.


I made mine from an Ultrasuede, but you could also use leather or even a high quality felt.  It has a soft flannel lining to protect your lenses from scratches and a flap to keep them from sliding out.  The flap is held in place with a strip of fold over elastic.


It’s super easy to make – just one pattern piece and one seam!  Start to finish, you can make one in less than 30 minutes!


What you need:

Make your sunglasses case:

  1. Use fusible webbing to fuse the flannel to the back of the Ultrasuede (or leather, or high quality felt) to create a double-sided piece of fabric.
  2. Cut the pattern out of your fused fabric.
  3. Thread the fold over elastic up through one slit, across the front of the case, and down through the other slit. Don’t trim the ends of the elastic yet.
    elastic band glasses illustrations-01
  4. Fold the piece at the dotted line. The Ultrasuede should be on the outside and the flannel on the inside.
    elastic band glasses illustrations-02
  5. Use one long stitch line to sew the sides and topstitch the flap. With a 1/8” seam allowance, start at the bottom of one side and sew up to the top and around the flap, then back down the other side.
    elastic band glasses illustrations-03
  6. Trim the elastic flush with the edges of the sunglasses case.
    elastic band glasses illustrations-04
  7. Fold the flap over and tuck under the elastic strap.
    elastic band glasses illustrations-06

You're done!!  Now get a pair of cute sunglasses and put them in your brand new case and go enjoy you some summertime!!!




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