Slouchy Shirt (and a free pattern)

Slouchy_Shirt_CoverHave you ever actually worn out a shirt?  Not just faded, not just stretched a little, not just out of style - but truly worn out.  I’ve done it just a few times in my life.

Just last week I had to retire a favorite shirt.  It’s my Slouchy Shirt.  I made it 4 years ago and it’s stayed in heavy rotation the whole time.  The fabric around the neck is now threadbare, and now at the waistband I can feel little pills of spandex that have wormed their way out of the fabric.  It’s truly worn out.

So of course if I had to retire a Slouchy Shirt, that means I should make one to replace it, right?  Nope.  I made THREE more.  That’s how much I love this shirt.


It's super comfortable to wear, but add a long necklace and you look pulled together like you actually put effort into your outfit.

I’ve got a free pattern for it over at Craft Gossip.  You can get it here.  It’s a women’s size small.  If you need another size, it’s a super simple pattern and should be easy enough to adjust to fit.


It’s made from a light to medium weight knit fabric and has an easy fit.  It has cut-on sleeves, so no setting in sleeves required.

There’s a waistband at the bottom so it slouches around your hip.  The slouching is forgiving of my mom-tummy and also has the added benefit of giving the impression of a tucked-in shirt without actually having to go through the trouble of tucking the shirt in.

Because, seriously, who wants to mess with re-tucking your shirt every time you visit the bathroom?  Not this mama.


The neck and arms are finished with fold over elastic.  Sometimes I choose to match the color to the shirt.  Sometimes I like the contrast.


The fit is very flexible.  I’ve gained a good 15-20 pounds since I made the pattern and it still fits me just fine.


The size small takes almost exactly a yard of fabric, so you will need to adjust the yardage requirement if you increase the size.

In case you missed the link above, here it is again:

The Slouchy Shirt Free Pattern at Craft Gossip

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  • Cheri says:

    I'm a beginning sewer. I made adjustments to the pattern to fit my measurements and followed your excellent, simple instructions. I thought I'd need to make further modifications (I don't really trust myself yet), but when I tried it on I was DELIGHTED with everything about this top!!! I'm going fabric shopping this afternoon -- clearly I need to make several more! Thanks for the excellent pattern!

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