Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Free Sewing Pattern

Sew a cute fabric Easter egg from your scraps! It's an easy project you can make using my tutorial and free pattern.

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These fabric Easter eggs are quick to make, and look so pretty sitting in a basket!  And unlike real dyed eggs, you don’t have to worry about anyone dropping one or making sure you eat them before they start to stink.

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Free Sewing Pattern

The bright colors and prints are just so fun all together!

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Free Sewing Pattern

You can make one of these fabric Easter eggs from a single fabric, but I enjoyed mixing prints and colors on the eggs.

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Free Sewing Pattern

The pattern piece for this project is fairly small, so it’s a good one to use up your scraps.  Or, use some charm squares to make them in coordinated prints.  It takes just 2 charm squares to make 1 egg.  One pack of charm squares will make a whole basket of pretty fabric eggs to decorate your home!

Once you make an egg, it's not that much different to make other kinds of soft fabric food. Check out my Farmhouse Fabric Fruit for a free pattern to make fabric apple and pears!

Because they’re soft and won’t break, they’re also a great toy for young children.  Kids can play with putting them in a basket and taking them out again.  You can even hide them around a room to let them find the eggs.  Then, let them hide the eggs for you!

Another fun Easter toy to make is my Easter Chick Reversible Softie. Use the free pattern to create an chick softie that reverses to an Easter egg! My Sudsy Bunny DIY Soap Holder would also make a cute addition to an Easter basket!

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Free Sewing Pattern

Fabric scraps

Polyester stuffing

Free pattern

How to make a soft fabric Easter egg:

Place 2 of the egg pieces right sides together.  Stitch down one side with a ¼” seam allowance.  Repeat with the remaining 2 egg pieces.

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Step 1

If you’re making the egg from 2 different fabrics, make sure each pair uses one of each of the two prints.  Then, make sure you stack and sew them the same way so you end up with two identical pieced pairs.

Now you have 2 halves of an egg.

Place the 2 egg halves right sides together, matching seams at the top and the bottom.

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Step 2

Sew all the way around with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving 1.5” open to turn it right side out.

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Step 3

Clip curves, then turn right side out.

Stuff the egg with the polyester stuffing.  I found that my fabric Easter egg looked more “eggy” when I really packed the stuffing in.

Use a ladder stitch to close the turning hole.

Your fabric Easter egg is DONE!

Now make enough to fill a basket!

Soft Fabric Easter Egg - Free Sewing Pattern
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