Full circle sewing

During those 9 long weeks my arm was in a cast, my mother-in-law made me the most beautiful slings to haul my arm around in. Pretty quilting cottons, reversible, and WITH POCKETS.  I loved those pockets! When you've only got one working hand, it's super handy to have a hands-free way to carry around your phone. Her pretty and functional slings made that time more bearable.

So when I heard that my friend's mother had fallen and broken her wrist, I knew I needed to make her a pretty sling of her own. I would have just lent the ones my mother-in-law had made for me, but they were currently on loan to someone eke who had broken her wrist.

I already had the pattern from the ones my mother-in-law had made for me, so it came together in no time.

A happy blue floral on one side,


and a bright jewel tone polka dot on the other.


And pockets on both sides, of course.

And a soft fleece wrap covering the adjustable strap.sling4

After I made it, I learned that her PT doesn't want her to have her arm in a sling, but whatevs. I know there will still be times when she needs to have her arm supported.  And when that happens, she'll have a pretty sling with pockets.  Besides, I've been told that the pretty sling brought a smile to her face and that's good enough for me.

It feels a little like full circle sewing.

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