A total studio overhaul underway

Every now and then – okay, everyday for the past three years – you walk past your studio and think your space is  maybe not functioning at optimal levels.

Or maybe you just stare at it speechless because it looks like a bomb exploded in there.


Stuff. Everywhere.

You risk life and limb just walking through the room, which takes on a whole new terror after having survived the broken arm from hell.


And actually sewing in this mess? Forget about it. I have been sewing at the dining room table which my family just loooooves (not).

I actually have good storage pieces in there. You just can’t see them under the piles. The problem is I configured my space – and filled all of my storage – when I was doing more crafting than sewing. So the bulk of my fabric was stored in the old coat closet in our entry hallway, which of course meant that our hallway was always littered with buckets of fabric that needed to go back in the closet.

Two weeks ago I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled everything out so I could do a total studio overhaul.

In addition to reclaiming my workspace, I’m also switching out my craft storage and my fabric storage. Fabric will come out of the craft closet to get stored in the studio. And all craft supplies will go to the former coat closet.

The only way to tackle an organizing problem this big was to take everything out if the room, and I mean EVERYTHING, and then sort it, purge it, and bring it back in in an orderly manner.

So now instead of my studio looking like a bomb exploded in it,my whole house looks that way!


The picture above is my dining room. Gasp!

Don’t worry. There’s a path so you can walk through there. Ha!


And a peak at some of the piles in my den.


But, with two weeks of work – and a LOT of help from my mother-in-law – I’m making progress.

I can’t wait till it’s all done so I can show you a grand before-after reveal.


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