Fabric Tab Zipper Pull Tutorial

I’ve got a quick tutorial to share with you today.  I’ve been working on a larger version of my color block zip pouch, large enough to work as a cosmetics bag, and I realized the zipper at the top looked a little…. naked.  It needed something.  (You can find the tutorial for the cosmetic bag here.)

So I created a simple little zip pull from a folded fabric tab.

It was so quick and easy to make!  And because it uses the same fabric as the bag, it coordinates perfectly.

I’ve got a separate pattern and tutorial for the cosmetic bag sized color block pouch, but first I’ll show you how to make these simple zipper pulls.  All you need is some fabric, glue, and some basic jewelry findings.

Gather your materials

3/8” ribbon crimp end

1 ¼” x 3” fabric

¼” Steam a Seam tape

E6000 adhesive

Jump ring

Jewelry pliers


Make the zipper pull

Fold the fabric rectangle in half lengthwise, press to crease.

Press the edges to the middle.

Place Steam a Seam tape down one of the folded sides.  Remove liner.  Fold the fabric in half.  Press to fuse the Steam A Seam.

Now you’ve got a nice length of fabric tape with no raw edges.

Trim the raw edges so there are no threads unraveling.

Use a toothpick to put a little E6000 inside the ribbon crimp end.

Fold the fabric tab in half, raw edges together.  Place the raw edges inside the ribbon crimp end.

Use pliers to close the crimp all the way down on the fabric tab.

Use a jump ring to attach your fabric tab zipper pull to your pouch!

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