Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Sew a stylish cosmetic bag with my color block cosmetic bag tutorial!

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I’ve been getting a lot of good use out of the Color Block Mini Zip Pouch I made for myself. It’s great for when you want to go out but don’t want to carry a purse all night. I’ve used it as a cash bag for a Girl Scout cookie booth, and also as a business card wallet at a conference. I kinda think everyone needs to have one!

But as handy as the little zip pouch is, I couldn’t help but think I needed to make a bigger version, one that’s large enough to use as a cosmetic bag. If you’re like me, you have lots of cosmetic products and are running out of places to keep them. With something like this though, you have an excuse to get some more, and, with beverly hills md coupons, you really have no reason not to go out shopping and add to your collection of beauty products!

Make sure you don’t go over the top, as although this bag can fit a lot more items than your traditional cosmetics bag, you don’t want to fill it to the brim only to find that the material rips because you have too much. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t spend. You just have to be cautious with what you decide to include in it. Of course, life would be made a lot easier if you had access to something like these wholesale jars that are the perfect size in terms of carrying it in your bag and being able to use your chosen cosmetics for a longer period of time. If you’re a fanatic like me, you will already know that many brands are deciding to include this type of packaging for their products now because they come with a lot of benefits. See, you’d be stupid not to take advantage of this opportunity when it presents itself to you.

A big part of cosmetics is presenting yourself, and particularly your face, in the most attractive way possible, and what’s the most important feature of your face? Why, it’s your smile, of course! This is why it’s important not only to look good with cosmetics and skincare products, but you also need to look after your teeth and take care of your oral hygiene. There are various ways that you can give your smile a complete overhaul if you choose to go further than brushing and flossing – a smile makeover combines veneers and crowns to create a perfect smile and it’s something a lot of people consider. So, if you’re serious about looking like you’ve stepped right out of Hollywood, check with your local dentist to see what they can do about your smile.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

So I went back to my pattern and sized it up to create the cosmetic bag version of the pouch. It still has the curved top and the color blocking, but now in a larger size. Inside, pockets will hold small items like earrings.

I also added a cute little coordinating zipper pull. Go to my Fabric Tab Zipper Pull Tutorial to see how to make them.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Finished dimensions are 8″ wide at the top (6″ wide at the bottom) x 5″ tall x 2″ deep.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Gather your materials

Quilting weight cotton, scraps are okay

Fusible fleece, scraps are okay

9″ (or longer) nylon zipper (affiliate link) Don’t use a zipper with metal teeth!

Wonder Clips (optional)

Temporary marking pen (optional)

Free pattern

Prep Your Pieces

Cut out all pattern pieces. Mark notches with short snips less than ¼”.

Fuse fleece pieces to the back of the outside pieces.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Press ¼” under on short ends of the zipper tabs. Then, press in half.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Press pocket piece in half lengthwise.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Now for the sewing!

All seam allowances are 3/8″.

Sew the outside top to outside bottom along longest edge, right sides together. Press seam allowance open.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Baste pocket across the bottom of one of the lining pieces, right sides up, along the raw edges.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Stitch vertical lines across the pocket to divide it into smaller pockets. If you want three pockets all relatively the same size, stitch lines 2 ¼” from each side.

For the bottom of the pocket, stitch a horizontal line across the pocket 3/8″ above the notch that is cut out of the corner.

Open zipper part way. Bring the open ends together and wrap a zipper tab around them. Use Wonder Clips to hold it in place. Topstitch close to the folded edge.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Make a mark on the zipper 7 3/4″ from the stitched edge of the zipper tab. Wrap the other zipper tab around the other end of the zipper so the folded ends line up with the mark. (You’ll need to trim your zipper to do this.) Clip in place, topstitch close to the folded edge.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Pull the ends of the zipper tape out from the zipper tab and trim to ¼” to reduce bulk.

Mark the center of the zipper on each side of the tape. I fold it in half and cut a teeny tiny notch, but you can also just use a marking pen.

Now to sew the zipper to the bag pieces. Start by making a sandwich with your zipper and bag pieces. Layer an outside piece face up, then the zipper face down, and then the lining face down. Match the center notches so everything lines up.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Use a zipper foot to sew along the zipper, starting at the center notch and sew to one end. Then, flip the work over and sew from the middle notch to the other end. When you get to the zipper pull, stop with the needle down into the fabric, raise the presser foot and pull the zipper pull past where you’re stitching. Put the presser foot back down and resume sewing.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Clip curves, turn right side out (zipper teeth peeking out). Press.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Use the same process to sew the zipper to the other side of the bag.

Topstitch the fabric down both sides of the zipper.

HANDY TIP: I get so annoyed with my lining fabric creeps while I’m topstitching and makes a little flap that gets in the way of the zipper. If you use a glue stick right at the seam to glue the lining to the seam allowance, you can keep the lining back where it belongs. Just make sure you press with a hot iron before stitching so your glue will be good and dry.

Trim the ends of the zipper tabs even with the bag.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial


Open up the bag and flatten it so the outside pieces are right sides together and the lining pieces are right sides together. Mush the extra fabric at the zipper tabs toward the lining.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

The edges aren’t trimmed in this photo, but imagine that they are.

Sew down the sides and across the bottom, leaving 2.5″ along the bottom of the lining to turn it. Do not sew the notches at the corners.

Box the corners. Open up the corners and flatten so the raw edges are aligned and the side seam goes down the middle. Sew along the raw edges.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Do this for all four corners.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Turn the bag right side out. Use a ladder stitch to sew the hole closed.

HANDY TIP: Your pouch will probably get all wrinkled and out of shape when you’re turning it right side out. I’ve found the easiest way to press it back to a crisp, clean finish is to first fill it with wadded up plastic grocery sacks. The sacks fill out the shape of the bag while you press it.

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Color Block Curve Top Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

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  3. Misti517 May 28, 2017 at 3:50 am

    This is adorable! I made one from the pattern and it turned out so cute! When I make the next one, I will use the style of zipper tabs that you don’t sew through and I’ll taper the lining to a larger seam allowance as I go towards the bottom of the bag. I used interfacing instead of fusible fleece, so it is a little stiffer, which I prefer. Loved the zipper pull idea too. Great pattern and awesome tutorial. My zipper is the best I’ve sewn and it was curved! Thanks for sharing your talent!!

    1. Orange Bettie May 30, 2017 at 2:01 am

      That makes me so happy that the tutorial worked well for you! That’s a good idea about tapering the lining to a larger seam allowance. –Anne

  4. Bea Jackson July 22, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    You could make a little strap and use it like wristlet. I love your charmpac bag!

    1. Orange Bettie July 24, 2017 at 3:00 am

      That’s a great idea!!

  5. sandy May 20, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    I have made four now but am very uncertain if I am to top stitch thru the lining or make sure it is not in the way of the top stitching. Please advise soon! (Have several more ready for this process) Sandy

    1. Orange Bettie May 21, 2018 at 1:10 am

      I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question. Are you asking about when you’re top stitching the zipper in place? In that case, you would top stitch through both the outside fabric and the lining. The tip I gave was to keep the lining where it belongs (pulled back away from the zipper teeth) while you’re top stitching. When I’m top stitching at this step, the lining is on the bottom so sometimes it creeps over a little bit and you get a little flap that can get in the way of the working of the zipper. It’s just a minor annoyance, but if you want to avoid that, you can just use a little bit of glue to keep the lining pressed where it belongs while you’re stitching. It just creates a cleaner line of stitching on the lining, but it’s totally optional.

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