Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

 A warm (and cute! ) winter hat is easy to sew with my free fleece beanie pattern! You can sew this cuffed beanie in 15 minutes.

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I don’t mind winter, but I don’t much enjoy being cold.  In fact, it makes me quite grumpy.  So if I’m heading outside any at all between, say November and March, I’m going to have a hat on my head.  Something to keep my ears warm and my body heat in so I can avoid getting all cold and grumpy and generally no fun to be around.

And though I legit have a dresser drawer full of winter hats, I just made myself a new fleece beanie for this year.  Because I can always use a new hat, right?

Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

And if you’re thinking you need a new hat, too, I’ve got a free fleece beanie pattern for you below:

Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

I noticed that the stores are full of cuffed beanies right now, so I copied that style for my hat.  A fleece cuffed beanie.  I might really love this hat.  Because while the cuff is a nice style line, it’s also extra layers of fleece at my ears.  Three layers of fleece, in fact.  That’ll certainly keep me warm and not grumpy!

If you're looking for more trendy hat styles to sew, see my free summer bucket hat pattern!

I got my daughter to wear my hat so I could show it to you.  She’s way cuter in it than I am.

Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

Not only is it warm, this fleece cuffed beanie is also super easy to make.  The fleece beanie pattern uses just two pieces and a handful of seams.  I can make one start to finish in just 15 minutes!

My faux fur ear warmer is another easy winter sewing project. You can get the tutorial here.

So easy that I made another hat just for her, this time out of a faux fur fleece.  The furry fleece is all trendy right now, showing up on hats and jackets and even purses, so when I saw it at the fabric store I grabbed some up to make a hat for her.

Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

I will say that the faux fur fleece is more challenging to sew than just the plain fleece, so I couldn’t recommend it to an absolute beginner.  When the layers of fur get smashed down under the presser foot, the fluffiness just kind of splooshes out the sides of the fabric making it hard to gauge if the layers are lined up or if you’re getting an accurate seam allowance.  But if you’re okay with all that, the faux fur fleece makes an awful cute beanie.  (And honestly, with all that fluffiness no one will be able to see if your seams aren’t even.)

Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

All you need is a ½ yard of fleece fabric and my free sewing pattern.  (The ½ yard of fleece is actually enough to make 2 beanies.)

Here’s how to make your own fleece cuffed beanie:


1/2 yard fleece

Easy Fleece Cuffed Beanie – free pattern

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie - step 1

All seam allowances ½”.  RST = Right Sides Together

Sew the Cuff

Fold the Cuff in half the short way to make a folded piece 11” wide x 6” tall.  Sew down the side to create a short tube.

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie - step 2

Fold the Cuff in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, creating a double-sided tube.

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie  - step 3

Sew the Crown

Fold one of the Crown pieces in half, RST.  Sew the short curved edge, starting at the top.  To get a nice curved top to your hat, blend the seam line into the straight edge with a long smooth curve.

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie  - step 4

Repeat with the other Crown piece.

Place the two Crown pieces RST.  Sew around the curved edge.

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie - step 5

With the Crown still turned wrong side out, place the Cuff around the bottom of the Crown with raw edges touching and with side seams aligned.

Assemble the Fleece Beanie

Sew around the bottom opening, attaching the Cuff to the bottom of the Crown.  The fabric will be bulky where the side seam of the Cuff meets up with one of the side seams of the Crown.  Just take it slowly and hand crank through that little bit if necessary.

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie - step 6

Flip the Cuff down and turn the beanie right side out.  You’ll see that the seam allowance shows on the front of the beanie.  That’s okay because the Cuff will flip over it and cover it up.  But first, go ahead and use a zig zag stitch to sew that seam allowance down to the front of the beanie to help reduce bulk. I used a short, wide stitch with a setting of 3 length and 5 width.

Easy Cuffed Fleece Beanie  - step 7

Flip the Cuff back up over the seam allowance.  Your fleece cuffed beanie is finished!

Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern
Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern
Easy Cuffed Beanie Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

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