Easy DIY Mouse Pad – Free Sewing Pattern

Don’t settle for a boring mouse pad! Use my free sewing pattern to make an easy DIY mouse pad from a pretty fabric print.  It only takes about 20 minutes to sew this fabric mouse pad!

I had the world’s saddest mouse pad at work.  It was thin and cheaply made to begin with, but then had been used for years and years.  Finally last week I had enough and just dropped it in the trash can.  Which meant that I now needed a new mouse pad!  And you know what that means…

I made my own!  And I've got a tutorial and free pattern for you to make your own.

Easy DIY Mouse Pad – Free Sewing Pattern cover image

This is such an easy sewing project, I don’t know why I didn’t do this before now. Honestly the hardest thing was figuring out which fabric I wanted to use.  I finally settled on a pink and purple print that I’d had in my stash for years waiting on just the right project. 

Look how pretty it turned out! 

Easy DIY Mouse Pad - overhead view

Read on for the tutorial and free pattern.

At 7” tall x 9” wide it gives just enough space to move my mouse, but doesn’t take up precious desk space.

I used a scrap of double-sided fusible fleece between the layers of fabric in order to give it structure.  Fusing the fabrics gives it a nice smooth surface while the foam gives it just the right amount of softness.  

Easy DIY Mouse Pad - angled view

The edges are easily finished with bias tape, which matches the backing fabric perfectly because I made my own bias tape.  (If you don’t already make your own bias tape, you really really should start.)

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Are you ready to make your own DIY mouse pad?  Here’s how!


Main fabric – quilting cotton, 8” wide x 10” tall

Backing fabric – quilting cotton, 8” wide x 10” tall

Double sided fusible foam – 8” x 10”

½” double fold bias tape – 1 yard

Glue stick

Free Pattern – Easy DIY Mouse Pad

Step 1 - Diagram key

Fuse and Cut the Fabric

Sandwich the double-sided fusible foam between the main fabric and the backing fabric (right sides facing out), then follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the layers together.  At this point you have a double-sided piece of fabric with a foam layer inside.

Use the free pattern to cut out the Mouse Pad shape.

Finish the Edges with Bias Tape

All that’s left now is to finish off the edges with bias tape. You may already have a favorite way of applying bias tape, but here’s what I do:

Open out one side of the bias tape and sew it around the top (main fabric) of the Mouse Pad in the ditch of the fold, raw edges touching. Ease the tape around curved corners. Sew all the way around the Mouse Pad and overlap the beginning by about ¾”.

Step 2 - bias tape sewn around the edge

Flip the bias tape around the raw edges of the Mouse Pad to the backing side, then glue it down with the folded edge of the bias tape just barely past the stitch line. Press with a hot iron in order to dry the glue.

step 3 - bias tape flipped around edge

Now flip the Mouse Pad back over (main fabric is on top) and then top stitch the bias tape down 1/8” from the edge of the bias tape.

step 4 - bias tape topstitched

You’re done!  You really did just make your own DIY mouse pad!

Easy DIY Mouse Pad – Free Sewing Pattern - square image
Easy DIY Mouse Pad – Free Sewing Pattern
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